Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scribe Post for January 16, 2009

Hi you guys ! Sorry my post is a little late but here it is...

On friday we did our number of the day. The number was 2936.187. Isfeld also gave us shapes to copy down and find out how much each shape would weigh. The work Isfeld gave us to do is coming up...

Isfeld gave us some clues like the total is 80. One shape weighs more than 9 and also..

After we tried this problem ourselves we went over it and Isfeld made it soo much easier. This is what we came up with altogether...

After this problem, Isfeld told us to find 82.5 % of 160. We found the answer by using a ratoio table. Here it is...
Number Percent

160 100
80 50
40 25
20 12.5
16 10
32 20
112 70
132 82.5

Next, Isfeld asked us what Half of 2/3? Then later prove it.

The question was super easy ! We proved it by drawing a picture...

This shape equals 66%
This shape equals 33%, which is half of 2/3.

That's pretty much it ! If i missed anything leave a comment about it.
I choose Jecelyn to do the next scribe post.